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Strolling along the park-like grounds, swimming in or lounging around the full-sized swimming pool; engaging in a few rounds of pocket billiards; taking in the breeze on the peaceful veranda; gathering with friends in the Coqui Bar; or enjoying the complementary books, games, movies and music lining the walls of the great room are just some of the great ways to enjoy the Villa that we can think of.

There is something for everyone on Vieques, whether you want to relax or plan to take in every sight. Activities nearby the house include swimming, sailing, ecotours, snorkeling, biking, sea kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, nature walks, bird watching, fine and casual dining.
Enjoy your favorite beach activity; from lounging, wading, exploring tidal pools and walking the shore to snorkeling or playing beach volleyball—there is a beach and an activity for everyone.

You can view the island by bike, horseback, scooter, or rental car and you can view its shores by jet ski, kayak or sail boat or power boat. Eco-tours are a great way to learn about the natural history of Vieques.

At night, schedule a trip to Bioluminescent Bay (Bahía Bioluminiscente) to experience a rare and beautiful phenomenon. A visit to this extraordinary place will leave you glowing—literally. The Bay's waters contain millions of luminescent microscopic organisms that react to the motion of fish, kayak paddles and swimmers. Bio Bay, as it is often called, can be experienced by boat or kayak, and is most spectacular when viewed during a new moon or no moon.

The Vieques National Wildlife Refuge is the largest nature preserve in the Carribean. It "contains several ecologically distinct habitats including; beaches, coastal lagoons, mangrove wetlands, and upland forested areas. The marine environment surrounding the refuge contains coral reefs and sea grass beds. The refuge and its surrounding waters are home to numerous plant and animal species, including the West Indian manatee, the Brown Pelican, and four species of sea turtles. The refuge also contains important resources of archeological and historic significance, and legacies of the Taíno culture and sugar cane era. For more information on the refuge, click here."


For local color, take in the little shops, galleries, restaurants and night life of Isabela Segunda and Esperanza.

For a visit to town, check out Esperanza with a stroll down its beautiful waterfront promenade— malecón. Still a quaint fishing village full of warm, friendly people, Esperanza is also home to shops, many restaurants and art galleries. Take a moment to relax and allow yourself to be swayed by the tradewinds with a cool drink in hand.

With nearly 30 local eateries to choose from, you won't go hungry. Vieques is filled with many casual, fun and unassuming restaurants which draw from the natural resources of the island. We encourage our guests to explore the town and try out the many local restaurants. If you don't want to leave it to chance, our caretaker and staff would be happy to make suggestions.

There is plenty of local history to take in. The main town and center of government is Isabel Segunda, founded in 1843, which is the site of the last Spanish fort built in the New World. El Fortin Conde de Mirasol, now a museum, has been totally restored and from its high vantage point offers a spectacular vista of the coastline.

Just outside of Isabel Segunda near the Bravos de Boston area is the Punta Mulas Lighthouse also known as Morropó, which was built in 1893. This old lighthouse, which still protects the port, boasts a reflector imported from Paris in 1895 that extends a beam that can be seen from as far as 16 miles.

Schedule an afternoon with a local fisherman for deep-sea fishing or make arrangements with a schooner captain for an afternoon sailing in some of the most scenic waters around the island and exploring the reefs while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Located just seven miles away on the main island of Puerto Rico, the rainforest terrain of El Yunke waits to be explored.


Whether you're playing beach volleyball, riding horseback, snorkeling, diving, or just walking for hours on end, there is a beautiful beach for everyone on Vieques. If you look, you can still find a beach all to yourself—unspoiled and private.

Some of the most popular beaches are:
Sun Bay, Media Luna, Esperanza Beach, and Red Beach.

Sun Bay Beach
A gorgeous bay, great swimming, and the only public beach on Vieques with public facilities.

Media Luna
Media Luna features a shallow bay where you can walk over 40 feet into the Bay with the water at your waist. It is great for kids, elderly, or people who just want to take it easy.

Playa Esperanza
This beach is probably the most accessible since it is located just off the malecón with its shops and restaurants. It offers great swimming and good snorkeling.

Playa Caracas or Bahía Corcho (also known as Red Beach)
Fish & Wildlife built several gazebos along the beach. This is a favorite spot among locals and tourists so get here early to get your gazebo for the day.

For the adventuresome, there are beaches you can explore that have yet to be named—just get hold of a good four-wheel drive vehicle.

For a more extensive description and photos of all the beaches on Vieques island, please visit:


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